Whether it be helping Superman learn to fly, hoping Lassie saves the day, bringing supplies to troops during the War Between the States, or getting the streamliner out of town towards mystery and intrigue, SEMAPHORE Services has professionally and accurately enlivened the fantasy world of motion pictures, television, and music video with authentic railroad action for all eras and all seasons, for over twelve years.

Among the thirty-eight projects SEMAPHORE has undertaken to-date:

Renko, Best Bad Thing Are you afraid of the Dark The Kiss
Alphonse Desjardins Danielle Steele - No Greater Love The Adventures of Shelby Woo
Lassie 2 Jules Verne Day One
Emily Pollack Le Sorcier
Les Filles de Caleb Blanche La vie en couleur

Work has appeared on the big screen world-wide, on NBC, PBS, FOX, CBC, YTV, SRC, TVA, TQS, Musique Plus, and at the National Film Board of Canada.

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