THE SEMAPHORE: a signal of fixed location, indicating a condition affecting train movement by means of arm position by day, coloured light by night.
A 'clear signal' - vertical arm by day, green light by night - meant the train could proceed on its way. SEMAPHORE Services offers its clients the opportunity to benefit from a 'clear signal' by offering a number of railway-oriented services.

  Equipment/Transportation/Operations Consultant
  • assess equipment needs
  • equipment search
  • assess operating needs and requirements
  • supervise movement of equipment from
    one location to another/rider
  Private Railcar Travel
  • Pre-trip/destination logistics
  • Staffing
  • En route servicing/minor repairs
  • Live/deadhead moves
  • Charters >>
  Film/Video Technical Consultant
  • prop/railroad equipment search
  • scene authentication
  • production company - site liaison
  • background >>
  Rolling-Stock Inspection
  • assess physical condition of
  • verify completion of
    contract repairs
  Contract Photography
  • photographic documentation for
    internal or promotional purposes
  • News Events
  Freelance Writer
  • promotional texts
  • special events
  • news items
  • travelogues

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